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One Atlantek, the best boat charter in Cornwall


One Atlantek, the best boat charter in Cornwall

We've answered below some of the most popular questions we receive.
We hope they prove helpful, but please don't hesitate to
contact us
if we can help you further.


Booking FAQs



What’s included in the price?


Our charter price typically includes delivery of the boat (within 50 miles of our HQ), fuel, lifejackets, launching/mooring fees, and foul weather gear if required. We will have drinking water and a selection of soft drinks on board. We take this approach so that you're not surprised by popular industry 'chargeable extras'! Any other refreshments etc are chargeable. If fuel is not included (By the hour charter) We only charge what we pay.

Your fee also provides exclusive enjoyment of Meraud, so you won't be sharing your experience with anyone outside your own party. Your day will have been fully tailored to suit your group, and to ensure you have the freedom and privacy necessary to truly relax.


Please also be reassured that we only charge you what we pay for any extras you may choose, not a marked up rate.

Dolphins, Sunfish, Seals and Basking sharks are all free of charge (but not guaranteed!).

Why do I need to pay a Consultation fee?

We're keen to dedicate the majority of our time to crafting the most personalised, impressive rib experiences and so we're often out in Meraud or busy planning & researching. Your Consultation fee covers our time in providing you with such high-level service, and is a show of commitment on your part. The fee is deducted from your overall experience cost, or refunded if we are unable to offer your preferred date or if you simply choose not to progress following your consultation.

Payment of your consultation fee online also serves to drop you into a 'priority order'. This becomes especially important on key dates where we can only make Meraud available to one party for the day. If you are not successful in securing your ideal date, and an alternative is not acceptable or possible, a refund will be promptly issued. 

By operating in this way, we are able to devote our time to the special touches that make us stand out, whilst also ensuring the booking system honours a 'first come, first served' principle. 

I don't want to pay my Consultation fee without knowing the overall cost.

We understand you may feel like that, it's simply proved the easiest way to meet everyone's different needs.  Plus, the many ways by which we personalise your experience makes a 'standard price' somewhat meaningless. If you feel more comfortable, drop us an email outlining what you'd like to do, even if just loosely. We can then provide an estimate for you to consider before adding the consultation fee to your shopping cart. 

What happens after I pay the Consultation fee?

After you've paid for a consultation fee, we'll soon be in touch to discuss your ideal date and to develop an understanding of what will make this truly perfect for you and your group. Don't worry if you're not sure as we have a lot of experience and plenty of ideas to offer! A further deposit will be required to block out our diaries on the chosen day for you, and to ensure Meraud is ready at the agreed starting location. Your consultation fee and booking fee will both be deducted from your final invoice. 

My online payment doesn't seem to have worked and I don't want to miss out!

We've never experienced any online payment issues so far, but if this happens you needn't worry. 

Simply contact us and we can manage the process in an alternative way.


We are having an amazing time, can we extend our half day to a full day?


Provided we don’t have any other bookings or commitments that day, absolutely! Once you’ve had a half day, if you want a some more time, even if it's for only a couple more hours, just talk to us.


Boat FAQs


What boat do you use?


We run our charters on our Ribeye A811 “Meraud Atlantek”. She was built in 2022 and is a completely custom boat for One Atlantek. From the lights to the seats, we worked for months with Ribeye to create the perfect boat for luxury adventuring. Meraud has a 4.2 litre V6 300 horsepower engine. Despite this, she is refined and classy, not loud and shouty. Think Aston Martin of the sea.


Where are you based?


We operate out of One Atlantek HQ near Truro in Cornwall. Meraud is towed around the country by our Toyota Hilux. You are always welcome to come and start your day at our HQ and see how we get ready for the day.


Did you realise you’ve spelled Atlantic wrong?


Yes, and no. Atlantek is the Cornish spelling for Atlantic.


Do you always operate out of Fowey?


Not always. We can launch all over the coastline. We love Fowey as a base for our south coast charters though. With Plymouth an hour or so if we turn left and Falmouth an hour or so if we turn right, we love the variety on offer.


How do we get on and off the boat?


We work hard to make sure getting on and off Meraud is as easy and hassle free as possible. She has lots of handles to hold on to and dedicated boarding steps. We often pick up and drop off on slipways and pontoons and, conditions allowing, we can land on beaches to drop you off there.


Will we get wet?


There is always the chance! The sea can be an unpredictable place and there’s always the chance of a rain shower. Meraud is a very dry boat. Especially in fine conditions and calm water, you shouldn’t get wet at all.


Is there a toilet on board?


We do not have a toilet or “heads” on board. We are normally fairly close to a port or town so can make stops as and when required.


I’m really interested in boating, can we help you launch and recover?


We love sharing our passion for boating. If you would like to come and see how we prepare the boat for the day on the water and be a part of the whole process, let us know.


Do you do bareboat charters?


At this time we only do skippered charters. This is mainly for insurance purposes but also because we want any excuse to get out on the water and meet new people!


What safety gear do you carry?


The list is extensive; the headline items are life rafts, life jackets, flares, VHF radios. There are numerous other items that we are required to carry for our coding certificate. We use Spinlock lifejackets for the most part. We do have children’s lifejackets available.


Do we have to wear lifejackets the whole time?


We require you to wear lifejackets at all times when we are underway. Obviously if we drop anchor and you want to snorkel or swim then they can be taken off. We actively encourage our guests that can swim to do so!

Our life jackets are top of the range auto-inflating and are worn for your safety. They are not buoyancy aids for swimming off the boat.


Is there any shade on board?


We have a T-top at the centre of the boat that provides some shade. We also have a rear bimini that we can put up that provides some shade as well. We do recommend suncream, sunglasses and a hat.


Where can we go?


The coastline of the UK is in your hands. Talk to us about what you’d like to do. We love exploring!

If you haven't already, you may wish to explore our Experiences page and Shop for inspiration.


How far out to sea can we go?


Meraud is coded to MCA category 4. We can go 20 miles from safe haven during daylight hours and in favourable weather. This works for us, who wants to go further than 20 miles at night in awful weather!


General FAQs


Is there an age limit?


We don’t have an age limit but it is important to recognise that Ribs are dynamic as well as safe. Getting on and off the boat does require a certain level of mobility. We have in the past had guests in their 80’s and children as young as 3. We can tailor your trip to your group but very young children or more senior guests who are unsteady on their feet will limit what’s achievable.


What clothing do I need?


You need warm comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the weather forecast. It is worth remembering that even on boiling hot days, it is always cooler out on the water. A jumper is recommended even on those beautiful summer days. If it’s forecast to be a bit wet, we have a good supply of Musto jackets and trousers that we can let you use included in your price. These make even the wettest days an adventure!


Can we drink alcohol?


This is a really tricky question. There is a huge difference between enjoying a cold beer or glass of wine out on the water and drinking your way through 10 cold beers! We want everyone to have a safe, enjoyable time with us. Moderation is the key word here; drinking lots of alcohol and boats is a terrible combination. We operate an absolutely no drugs policy.


Can we smoke/vape?


Honestly. We would prefer you didn’t. The seats, floors and petrol engine aren’t a fan.


Can we do water sports with you?


We currently do not offer this option, however if you have you own gear and want to do this, let us know and we can sort this out with our insurance company.


I love fishing. Can I charter the boat to go fishing?


We know some amazing fishing charter companies and we would definitely point you in their direction for this.


What do we do if the weather is bad?


Ultimately it is the skippers call on whether the charter goes ahead due to poor weather. Safety is our overriding factor. We absolutely will not put our guests, the boat or our team at risk. If the sea conditions are calm but there is some rain forecast, we will probably go ahead. We have all the appropriate gear for you to use and actually, it can be a whole new adventure! To summarise: if the skipper deems it safe, we ride!

How much stuff can I bring with me?


Space on board is at a premium. Our suggestion is that you bring as little as possible with you, and in as few bags as possible. We do have some dry storage for valuables.


What qualifications do you have?


All of our skippers are commercially endorsed to be able to take passengers out on the boat.


Your extended day is 10 hours how come it’s so long?


We love being out on the water and hope you will too. We have built our charters with enough time for you to stop off for some food, go for a wander in town, have a sunbathe and swim and still feel like you’ve had loads of boat time. Our extended day charter is perfect for those special events or just making the absolute most of our amazing boat.


Can we change our mind where we go on the day?


It’s your day. If you want to change the plan, let us know, if we can do it, we will! 


What happens if I get sea sick?


If you already know you might get sea sick, we recommend taking the appropriate medication before you start you charter. If it comes on suddenly at sea, we’ll look after you!

Would you like to know more?
Please free to contact us with your questions.


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