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As we approach the Summer season in 2024, It's time to up our game here at One Atlantek and start keeping you all in the loop a bit more with what's going on.

We have been operating now for two years and what a two years it's been. The plan for OA was formed during Covid. That glorious weather and the gift of time gave us a chance to bring to life something that we had been kicking around for a number of years.

Looking back on the plans, I can see just how much I had to learn about the charter boat industry! My background is hospitality and to transform my vision of combining the best charter boat experience with the finest hospitality has proved to be quite the challenge. That said, I have loved every minute of it and whilst there have definitely been some hurdles to overcome (Summer 2023!) I am delighted to be heading into the season with some really exciting developments to talk about.

So, to start, The OA Academy. We have an amazing space at OA HQ. It was a logical step to make a few tweaks and create a learning environment where boats and quality are at our core. We wanted to have a space that like minded individuals could come and build on their knowledge and combine it with hands on, practical learning with really talented instructors.

The front office as was has been completely stripped out and turned into a classroom, we have added a small kitchen area and added table space all around the unit. This gives us the unique ability to teach theory and then immediately put it into practice. Whether that is hands on with life jackets or jumping up on board Meraud and using the Garmin Navigation unit, We want an environment where it is fun to learn and gives our students hands on experience with the skills they are learning.

Also whilst the classroom is separate from the main workspace, it is part of the building so there is every chance you will get to see what it takes behind the scenes to keep Meraud afloat and completely compliant with all the rules and regulations.

Next up, Partnerships.

We have some more to announce but our first major partnership this year is with East Crinnis Farm. These guys do some seriously good glamping, and Danny and Tim have known each other for a lot of years after a few chats in the off season, OA and East Crinnis have partnered up this year to give Dannys guests exclusive access to our boat and we have put together a bespoke package just for them. This has kicked off with an amazing giveaway competition. 3 nights glamping, a boat charter, lunch in Charlestown and tickets to Paolo Nutini at the Eden Project. Check out our socials if you haven't already entered.

Finally we are in the process of building our Henley Royal Regatta and Festival plan for 2024. Keep your eyes peeled on this one. It's all change and looks like its going to be absolutely off the charts!

Well, that's all for this first blog. We are hoping to do some features on charters, announce some more partnerships and other exciting stuff along the way.

Take care,

Look forward to seeing you on the water.



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